Thank you

On Friday, I passed the 100 cross-platform followers mark. So, I would like to thank everyone who has followed/liked me, and given me pride in what I’m doing – it’s because of you all that I have the motivation to keep myself going on these Social Media platforms despite not really knowing what I’m doing 🙂

Please stay tuned for more short stories, some more Tips & Tricks, and maybe some excerpts in the weeks to follow.

Also, stay tuned for a scheduled release date for unvamped!

Thanks again to everyone! Please share my pages with your friends 🙂

x iz


Day 15 – excitement abounds

I got my first weekly page update from my Facebook author page today, and while numbers may be considered low to some, I’m pretty impressed with how I’ve done. I have jumped 2,600% on new likes with 27 new ones. I’m up 397.6% on my weely total reach with 418. And, I’m up 184.2% on people engaged with 54. More and more people are following my Twitter page each day (or two lol) as well, so I really feel like I’m progressing with my social media presence.

My website views are reasonably steady too, so that’s quite good.

This week’s task is to get into posting some Tips & Tricks on writing – things I’ve learned over the years through university or private study and that have helped me. I don’t use it all, of course, but that’s not to say its not valuable advice for someone. I was going to try putting up new ones each day, but I think I will see how I go but hope to start with every two or three days.

Over and out for today.

x iz