PSA: Idiocy Alert

Well, what is a girl to do when she has a week left until the next release? She goes completely insane and makes an odd choice; release the next book on April 6 2018. So, read on all. Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination…

We’ve got a new section this time around: Life Being Rude is where I’ll give a ramble about what’s been eating into my writing time – much like Plot Bunnies, it’s all the things that are distracting me only not (yet) another story idea. As per usual, any word/title/phrase that’s blue and underlined and all cover pictures are hyperlinks, so feel free to have a click around.

KUA front coverWriting Progress Update: In exciting news, I’m making good progress on a couple of pieces and have not started any new ones. I’ve had a couple of ideas, but just made notes and moved on successfully. Keeping Up Appearances and The Stand-In (page coming soon – I’m surprised I don’t already have one [bad me]) are going well. Keeping Up Appearances even has a cover, and *gasp* there it is!! 😀 —–> Xander has been behaving himself very well, and making all the right choices. Accidentally Perfect is having a good edit (see Release Rambles below for some interesting news on that one…) and the Trouble with Hate is… is going through it’s final edit before files are all ready for release on Friday! I have a new two-in-one tablet/laptop with fancy Windows Ink expected to be delivered on Monday, so that will make the whole editing process much easier and much more fun, I think (and hope).

A Reading Update: HAHAHA! Oh, dear… Okay… So, we last left off with me and my grand plans for reading this year. I am still only something like four or five chapters through Sense and Sensibility and haven’t read anything else except my own work for editing and/or ‘where the hell was I going with this?’ purposes. I am hoping I’ll get something finished before the end of the month am accumulating a massive pile of books I’m supposed to read. But, with Trouble with Hate coming out in less than a week and my grand plans for April… I’m not sure I’ll have time to read anything other than uni materials.

TWH full cover 5.06x7.81 FUR4Release Rambles: Here’s the interesting stuff, people! So, we all know the Trouble with Hate is… is coming out on Friday! Woo! I almost can’t believe it’s already right around the corner! You can pre-order it on Amazon now if you haven’t got your copy.

And, now for the new news. *drumroll* Accidentally Perfect will be released worldwide in print and ebook on April 6 2018. That’s right, everyone; Piper and Roman are being unleashed upon the world, sent into the great unknown, available to all sorts of criticism and love. You can pre-order it on Amazon now as well, for the special pre-order price of USD$0.99 (or, for those of us not in the US, AUD$1.26)! Both are up on my Goodreads author profile with my other books, so why not add them to your to-read list? 😉

And, now for the truly idiotic part (and point) of this Public Service Announcement: this year, as research for my Masters thesis, I am going to attempt to release a book every two months and try to find the best way to approach pre-orders. That’s right. I have officially gone insane and apparently am becoming swiftly addicted to the pre-publication deadline panic. So, February sees Trouble with Hate going live. April, we’ve got Accidentally Perfect gracing you all with its adorable presence. What about June, August, October and December you ask? Well, August’s plan is Gray’s Blade – companion novel to No More Maybes (you remember it). And December’s plan is unvamped book two: doggone. I thought it would be poignant for them to be released a year after the first ones (so, you can expect unvamped book 3: dewitch December 2019). For June and October, watch this space!

Current Focus: So, with all the things happening and making interesting life choices that are guaranteed to up my stress levels, what am I actually working on? Well – editing aside – Keeping Up Appearances is keeping me busy and it’s moving along at a spectacular pace. I’ve got this wild dream that I’ll get one first draft a month finished this year. And – to be honest – when most of my WIPs are between 25,000 and 40,000 words at the moment, it’s probably not a ridiculous goal or all that impressive. Still, if I can get a few more finished and still not start anything new, then I’ll count that as a win. The Stand-In is also chuffing along nicely, so really it’s a bit of a race between those two as to which one finishes first. And, really, those are the only two I’ve really been focussing on. So, haven’t I been good? 😛

Plot Bunnies: Plot bunnies are behaving themselves so far. I get a few ideas now and then. But, they seem content to just let me get the basic, vague plan/notes out onto the page and then I can get back to actually finishing things. So, there is really very little to report in that respect – much like my reading progress…oops.

Life Being Rude: So, my Masters thesis is due at the end of the year and I’ve chosen to research marketing – a ‘kill two birds with one stone’ sort of concept. This means me running experiments, making extensive notes, evaluating, and trying to make the next experiment better (i.e. more profitable). Part of this involves me delving into the world of fanfiction *gasp* and short stories/novellas. Which – to a degree – is writing-related, yes. But, I’m not sure how that endeavour will go. The world of fanfiction is a scary place I’ve never been in before – that’s right, I have ever intentionally read fanfiction – but I’m diving in as best I can. You can find my author profile over at

Short stories/novellas are a bit of a laugh at the moment, if I’m quite honest. I’ve always been the sort of person who goes “oh, yeah. I’ll write this 5,000-word story, it’ll be grand” and end up with 120,000 words or something equally cumbersome and ridiculous. My going theory is that I’m going to take a WIP (think the Princess Diaries on steroids) and turn it into 4 novellas and release them as a serial. Fingers crossed for that experiment…it so far does not go well, lol.

And, that has you all caught up for this third weekend in February. I hope you’re all getting a chance to read more than me. I must go and bottle some homebrew now 😀

Read, write, and live well,

x iz


Day 9 – an ode to reference books

Not a lot of writing done since my last post, I was unfortunately busy working – dang living requiring money. I have started reading Laini Taylor’s Dreams of Gods and Monsters, reading more Heart and Brain (Heart is just awesome and all The Awkward Yeti’s comics are relatable!) and been thinking about reference books a lot.

I love reference books, even if they’re not specifically helpful to my current topic – stuff is just interesting, that’s just how it is. I have books on:

  • Medieval Castles – complete with floor plans, floor plans are very important
  • the craft of writing (just so many!) – you can never stop learning to better yourself!
  • poisons – makes my husband very nervous, but it’s great for killing characters off in creative ways!
  • religions – from all over the world, throughout history!
  • witchcraft/wicca/druidry – because why not?
  • baby names – dictionaries plus apps, for when inspiration needs a jolt!
  • all my school and university subjects – history (modern and ancient, and especially medieval) features prominantly.
  • and so many others, I just can’t keep track.

I have reference books to thank for realising my dream of becoming a published author – it was while reading Steven Harper’s Writing the Paranormal Novel that I came up with the idea for Unvamped. Harper suggests to think outside the box when it comes to plotting, think of something that’s different. And, I suddenly thought “What if, instead of human turns vampire and off we go…what if, vampire turns human and off we go?!” I was pretty certain it was a novel idea (pardon the pun) – not to say it had never been done before, but I was pretty sure it wasn’t mainstream. And, thus Unvamped was born. Actually…that gives me an idea for the middle of Unvamped 2*! This seems to be a pattern with me of late – I come up with a good starting idea, find the ending, but the middle remains murky for much too long!

Either way! Must go and make notes before I forget my potentially genius idea!

x iz

*working title