Day 10

Well, illness has struck me down today *rabble rabble* but I felt I needed to stick to posting every day – one lapse and I know I’ll not post for ages!

The idea to incorporate into Unvamped 2* led me to get a massive amount of plotting done on that novel. My short list of reference books yesterday has made me decide to make a page of my reference books in case people are interested, so work is going along smoothly on that – I just have to find them all! No doubt it will continue to be a work in progress as I keep buying new ones 🙂 – my wish list on Amazon is ridiculously long!

Speaking of Unvamped 2* and reference books, all my plotting has reminded me that I need to get more books on Druids/Druidry as it will play a part in the plot – at present anyway, my preliminary research has led me to believe that Druidry may be too passive for what I need so I may need to bastardise it a little or come up with a “new” form of magic based on druidry. We’ll see how it goes! My reference books on mythical creatures will come in very handy for this story as well as I take my characters to a supernatual university!

I have got a lot of reading done today, which is good. But, when the kindle still says 16% after a good two to three hours of reading, you know you’re in for a good ride!

Dinner time now, or at least checking with the husband on the status of dinner… 🙂

x iz


Day 4

Today was a bit of a bust in regards to writing, but I did get a good amount of reading done.

I have been lamenting my lack of ability to draw today. I have this great landscape in my head from [Soul Wars]* and I’d love to be able to actually see it, not just imagine it. I used to be a terrible drawer but decent copier of pictures – yet another thing I never fostered and now regret! Oh well, can’t spend all the time looking back, must push on!

Today was also spent thinking about writing styles. I read books and think how mature and sophosticated a lot of writers sound, then I read my work and think it sounds quite simple and basic in comparison. I’m not sure if this truly reflects my writing style, or I’m being hard on myself. I do know that there is plenty of room for simple writing in the market – I myself love a nice, easy to read story. To me the simplicity of the writing doesn’t denote a simple story, and maybe that’s what I have – a decent story and an easy to read way of telling it? It doesn’t feel much like that sometimes though. I feel like I have a simple story and no storytelling ability.

Oh well, so far, the search into how to ‘sophisticate’ my writing will need tp continue I suppose.

X iz