The Chronicles of Uraethan

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The Chronicles of Uraethan is a series I have been working on for the better part of a decade. I have got to the point with it that I am too scared of working on it for fear I will ruin the first novel-length story I ever wrote.

The first story, Vampyre NecromancerI have been working on since 2006 and is a very large work in progress. I finished the first draft in 2009, though then decided to change the Point of View from First to Third Person – needless to say that was a work out in itself! It needs a massive rewrite, but I’m having trouble knowing where to start, I think I need some beta readers! 🙂

I began the second story in the series, Necromancer Scion, for NaNoWriMo 2010 – I got my word count that year (50,000 words in a month!) but the story is not even half-way there. It follows on about 16 years after the first story.

The third story, Werewolf Tryst, is planned, but no work done on it yet (other than making up a mock cover 🙂 )

Read an excerpt of Vampyre Necromancer here.

Read an excerpt of Necromancer Scion here.


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