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unvamped is my debut novel, published by Caliburn Press on 1 June 2015. It was picked up in January of 2014.

unvamped is about three teenagers (sort of) who must accept themselves for who they are and realise that humanity is a universal trait, found in all species.

Would you accept yourself to find your humanity?

Ellie Cooper comes from a long line of witches, but wishes she could be normal. When she nearly kills herself cursing a vampire, her dislike of her heritage deepens. Will she find a way to accept her magic, or will she forsake her family altogether?

After feeding on a witch, 693-year-old vampire Charles Dumphrey wakes up to find he is living a human teenage life, complete with parents, school and girls. Can he adjust to his new life as a human, or will he find a way to break the curse Ellie puts on him?

Lee is a werewolf who is not yet shifting regularly. He worries about who he will be when he regulates. Will the wolf take over, or can Lee find the balance between his humanity and the wolf?

Will all three of them be able to overcome their uncertainties and accept themselves in order to save Ellie’s life?

Where to purchase

Below are links to where you can purchase unvamped both online and in-store, in print and ebook.


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