Netherfield Prep

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Netherfield Prep is my second novel, published by Sleeping Dragon Books in April 2017.

Netherfield Prep is a modern reimagining of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, set in an English boarding school with a pair of sexy twins.

A modern reimagining of Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’.

When Lily Brewer’s mum dies, she’s shipped to the other side of the world to her step-sisters’ pompous English boarding school, Netherfield.
There, she meets Austin Cooper. Arrogant as hell but with abs to die for, Austin soon becomes the bane of her existence.
His twin brother, Jax, is the complete opposite. Kind and sweet, Jax soon strikes up a thing with Lily’s roommate, Anne.
Austin, though seems keen to keep them apart.
Will pride and prejudice ruin them all?
Or, will love win the day?

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Reviews for Netherfield Prep

“The other little quirk that some of you true Austen aficionados may enjoy is finding the hidden little links to other Pride and Prejudice spin-offs through Netherfield Prep…I mean who isn’t waiting for the ‘wet shirt scene’!” – Anna, Goodreads.
“I was a little surprised to find that I really enjoyed the way Stevens recreated the original story in the modern setting. While I had hoped it possible, I did not expect to find any retelling of Pride and Prejudice anywhere near as good as the original simply because it is such a timeless piece but I have to say, Netherfield Prep came pretty darn close…Jovial and light-hearted, Netherfield Prep made me smile, gush and laugh the way the original Jane Austen novels always have, a great read for anyone with a penchant for romantics.” – Zoe, Attic Salt Reviews.
“That being said. Elizabeth Stevens brought a hint of the new along with the classic in this modern-day retelling, and I absolutely ADORED every step of the journey!…It was both a refreshing change and a beautiful nod to the original content, I’m super impressed.” – Elizabeth, Betwixt The Pages.
“I loved to read it more than pride & prejudice. Reading the story from the POV of both Lily and Austin was different and interesting…In short, this was lighter and funny version of the old, heavy, royal, mannerly, and serious pride & prejudice. This is ‘Pride & Prejudice’ story for younger generation.” – Yesha, Books Teacup and Reviews.
“The only thing about this version is that it is way funnier and amusing to read. I really liked the ending. I wish there was more. Overall, a funny reimagination of a beloved classic by Jane Austen.” – Sharon, Goodreads.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK!…First off, the author has more than creatively turned things a bit and made it into a modern version of the Austen’s classic novel. Motorbikes, buses, LGBTQ, etc. Stevens made it into a version of her own while staying true to the classic novel….What I also liked about this is how the love story went. It was loyal to the book but it also has its own, unique, story making it still mysterious and making you want to read more to know what will happen next.” Kimberly, Goodreads.

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