As part of my writers’ group, Sleeping Dragon Emerging Fantasy Writers’ Collective, we self-published an anthology of our work Tales from the Sleeping Dragon.

As well, I have a novel being published by Eternal Press, Unvamped, to be released June 1st 2015.

For about a decade, I have been working on what I hope to be my masterpiece. The Chronicles of Uraethan is a trilogy (so far) that I started in 2006. Book 1, Vampyre Necromancer was finished in 2009, and Book 2, Necromancer Scion was begun in 2010 and is still a work in progress. I have started planning Book 3, Werewolf Tryst, but not started any actual writing yet. The short piece which was inspiration for the series can be found in the Short Stories section, here.

I am working on one story, Matlock College, as both a novel and a screenplay. It was originally going to be a novel, then I did an adaptation course during my Masters degree and adapted it to a screenplay. I loved my foray into screenwriting, and want to finish the story in both mediums.

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