My Writing

I started writing at a young age, fuelled by my imagination. As I grew, I fell in love with fantasy and predominantly wrote in that genre for many years. It was only recently that I started branching away from fantasy, despite it being my dream for a long time to eventually have at least one book published in as many different genres as possible. So far, I’ve managed fantasy/paranormal, romance, and adaptation, all YA.

If you’re interested in finding out more about my work, just use the links below or the menus to navigate around. You’ll find information about my books both available and forthcoming, some short stories and excerpts to read, and information on some books I’m currently working on.


Tales from the Sleeping Dragon (out now)

Netherfield Prep (out now)

the Trouble with Hate is… (coming 23 Feb 2018)

No More Maybes books

No More Maybes (out now)

Gray’s Blade (coming 2018)

unvamped trilogy

unvamped (out now)

doggone (coming 2018)


Completed Short Stories:

Inspiration for Vampyre Necromancer

Katrin’s Cove


Works in Progress:

Matlock Academy Series

The Chronicles of Uraethan

Vampyre Necromancer (excerpt)

Necromancer Scion (excerpt)


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