One month to go

Today, I have a few things going on, so I shall break it up into sections. Who knows, maybe I’ll make it a regular thing.

First up, we have a Writing Progress Update where I will let you know what I’ve been working on lately and what my plans are. Secondly, we have A Reading Update in which I will make some quick comments on the books I’m currently reading or plan on reading. Next is Release Rambles – as the name suggests, it’s where you’ll find out the latest release news. Current Focus is where you’ll get a run down/reminder of what I’m working on right now. And, Plot Bunnies is where I’ll give a brief explanation of whatever has recently distracted me.

Writing Progress Update: Whelp, I made itAccidentally Perfect FRONT cover though twenty-three days before I got distracted by an new idea. I did however, finish Accidentally Perfect (if you want to read more about it, pop on over to my WIP page or click the cover to the right) even if was a week later than I’d hoped. So, I guess one for one isn’t the end of the world. Especially when my current focus (The Stand-In) isn’t behaving itself like it should. I am going to try very hard to only plot this new one out, get all the scene bunnies out of my head, and then get back onto with my current focus. I’m trying a ‘force myself to just work on one thing at a time’ thing at the moment. And, well, it got the first draft of Accidentally Perfect finished so it’s not all bad thus far.


A Reading Update: My read of Sense & Sensibility is going well, if slow. As I get further into it, I’m getting back into the swing of Austen’s writing style and the going is getting easier. Of course, my reading plan did fly out the window a bit the other night as I couldn’t sleep and a light was going to keep the husband up, so I started reading something on my Kindle instead. Still, that just means one less contemporary later on I guess! As I get more into writing mainstream YA fiction, I’m going to delve into that as a reader some more as well. I’ve got a stack of authors and titles lined up that I can stick in the research pile (which I have decided is quite aside from the general TBR pile).

TWH full cover 5.06x7.81 FUR4Release Rambles: As we all know, the Trouble with Hate is… will be released on February 23rd. ONLY A MONTH TO GO! Do I sound freaked out? Because I am a little. Proofing is done. Final files are almost ready and it’s available for Kindle pre-order now!

Lani and Casper’s story will be exclusive to Kindle for ebook – and available for free in Kindle Unlimited. But, it will be available at all good online book retailers in paperback format. Keep an eye on the book page for where to buy it after release day.

If you are interested in a copy of the ebook in exchange for a review, then please contact me. I have varying ebook formats available.

With Accidentally Perfect now finished, it’s probably time to think about when to have it ready for release. Well, with Gray’s Blade and doggone being released as well this year, I think Roman and Piper might need to wait until next year to meet the world proper.

CGB front cover 5.06x7.81ole’s version of No More Maybes, Gray’s Blade has a projected release date in August 2018. To read more about the duet, click here. To see more on Rory’s point of view in No More Maybes, click the link. To learn more about Cole’s side of the story, click the cover image to the right or the link in the above paragraph.

doggone is pitched for a December 2018 release, following on from unvamped‘s release last December. You can read more about the whole trilogy here. A link to book 1, unvamped, can be found in the second line of this paragraph. And a link to book 2, doggonehere or above. Book 3, dewitch, is currently tentatively slated for December 2019.


Current Focus: So, what am I supposed to be working on right now? Well, it’s a fun little piece called The Stand-In: my life as an understudy.

He’s a semi-famous rockstar

I’m Nerdy McNerdleton

Elijah Sweet: born rock god, gorgeous, sinful

Ella Cowan: beautiful, confidant, popular

Chloe Cowan: wait…who?

Born for the express purpose of being the understudy for my older sister, I’ve learnt that life goes faster if I just go along with the madness.

Until the madness involves me, the School Formal, my sister’s hair-brained scheme to win over the hottest boy in school, and a misunderstanding that I’m the one interested in him.

Suddenly, my quiet existence isn’t so quiet anymore and the bright neon light that heralds my eighteenth birthday and freedom is overshadowed by one that follows a boy who’s going to be the next big thing.

But, I am so not interested… Am I?

It is a comedy with an arrogant if somewhat charming male lead and a sassy is somewhat tongue-tied female lead. I have possible intentions of making it a trilogy but, at the moment, it’s just a sweet little standalone piece about learning to be yourself on your own timeline. There are some cheesy songs, some arts and crafts, a few embarrassments, and a cast of supporting characters I think you’ll love; I know I sure do. It’s all planned, I just have to stop stressing that I’m going to mess it up and just write the dang thing!

Plot Bunnies: Distractions, I can avoid you only for so long. Unfortunately, this one started with a vague notion and has run away with my brain(cell). At the moment, it feels a little like it has a Sucker Punch and Alice: Madness Returns vibe to it – flitting in and out of ‘reality’ and ‘fantasy’. Currently titled Do you Believe in Magic? it’s got some decent potential I think, as long as I don’t veer too far off the unbeaten path. More to come if it looks like it’s behaving.

As per usual, nothing will get finished if I don’t go and work on it. So, off I hop. Read, write, and live well,

x iz


Might 29 novels be too many?

So, I’m re-evaluating my writing process at present. The other day I realised my 2017 word count stood at a little over 300,000 and that got me super excited! But, then, I realised I wasn’t sure what I had to show for it; I hadn’t finished anything, and I’d just gone and started more.

At last count, I was sitting on about 29 works-in-progress, and that’s only counting the ones I’ve worked on this year. Now, while this is super useful for staving off writer’s block – because, really, there has to be something going on over that many stories – it is less conducive to getting more pieces finished. Which, you know, seems like a good idea.

I am making consistent steady progress with one new YA/Paranormal Romance novel called The Guard. It’s a fun little piece, currently blurbed:

I have to somehow make and angel, a werewolf, a vampire and a faerie stop flirting with me and not kill each other long enough to save the damned world. Why me?

The apocalypse hit in a way we never expected. The angels descended, determined to take the world back from the Shadow Denizens under the pretence of protecting humanity. War rages between the races, longer than it should have. The world was nothing but a battle groung. Good luck surviving that.

My crazy little brother, Percy, may be creation’s only hope. I didn’t think I could keep him safe long enough. Now he has a supernatural guard who can’t agree on anything but how tasty I’d be, I have no hope.

I have no idea where the idea for this one came from; I think I was meandering through Shutterstock for potential cover images for something and saw something that triggered the beginnings of an idea. The excuse to be able to make a proper fae was enticing and I couldn’t decide what creatures I wanted to use, so I thought ALL OF THEM! No idea who she ends up with yet, but I’ve got three books to work it out.

Netherfield Prep‘s first month live went well. I’ve got great reviews and am actually making a little bit of money, which is nice. If you’re California-bound, you’ll find it at Pipe and Thimble Book Store with signed bookmarks!

Netherfield‘s sequel, Proposition Prep, is making slow progress – I think I’m a little bit panicked I’ll screw it up, but I’ll get there in the end. And, planning for the third and last instalment of the Austen Reimagined: P&P series, Wedding Prep, is chuffing along nicely; fair warning, Hunter gets a little screwed over, but it will all be good in the end.

I’m also dipping my toe into editing my Irish fae novels that came about during my thesis investigations last year. I wrote the first two books, Gryffynhall and Elfhaven, last year (although, it was one huge one to begin with), wizzing through about three drafts of 175,000 words in a little over 100 days – sorry about the bragging, but I was super pleased. They books need a good edit, but the first one should hopefully be coming out later this year.

Speaking of coming out later this year, new YA Romance No More Maybes will be out in a couple of months; we just have to get through the last lot of editing and formatting. It’s not quite the story I envisioned when I started it, but every time I read it, I’m happy with it. So, it is what it is:

Aurora Daniels just wants to get through Year 12 with no distractions.

Then, Cole Fielding comes along.

She is instantly drawn to him but isn’t sure he’s the sort of guy she should fall for – he smokes, he’s unreliable, gets into fights, and just exudes bad boy.

But, Cole hides an intelligence that speaks to her.

As they get closer, so does Cole’s harrowing past. Can she believe in someone who can’t believe in himself? Maybe…

I’m working on a version from Cole’s POV, so we’ll see how that goes.

The goal, going forward, is obviously get something finished. By the end of May, I fully intend to have one more piece finished – I know it’s possible, I just need to stop pussyfooting about. And, of course, get No More Maybes ready for publication and finish editing Gryffynhall.

I’ll keep you updated as to my progress!

x iz