‘unvamped’ Launch Recap with pictures :)

Finally, I’m getting around to posting about the launch, only a month late! I suppose that’s what illness will do to you.

Either way, the launch was great 🙂 not quite as many people as expected, but these things happen. I made nibbles (read: ate a lot while cooking) and remembered to organise drinks, along with all the merchandise. My investment in a PayPal card reader paid off immensely – half the guests paid with card! – and was a great way to keep track of total sales. I didn’t quite sell all the books I bought, and am yet to make any money back, but I feel it was a very exciting adventure and am glad it went the way it did.

My good friend and fellow Sleeping Dragon, Russell Hartup, opened for me and I managed not to screw up the reading too much. I also managed to do my signature right most of the time and write reasonably legibly. Though I didn’t get around to talk to everyone as much as I would have liked.

After the formal parts of the launch, there was some chatting and the packing up, then I went out for pizza – both savoury and dessert 😀

I think the launch was a great success and it makes me feel a bit more like a real author now lol.

If anyone missed out on a copy, or anyone would like a hardcopy, I have quite a few left over and would be happy to sign them and get them to you (contact me for more details).

Keep a look out for my upcoming Goodreads Giveaway.

I must head off now to work on my piece for Camp NaNoWriMo, but I will leave you with some pictures from the launch 🙂

Book Launch 007

Book Launch 019

Book Launch 020

Book Launch 025

x iz


#unvamped has launched :)

You can buy the ebook for AUD$6.95 at: http://www.eternalpress.biz/book.php?isbn=9781629292700
on Amazon.com for AUD$6.95 at:
Or Amazon.com.au for AUD$8.88 at:

I’ll keep you updated on when it’s available in print and elsewhere.

Print books will be available for AUD$25 at the book launch.

general update

Well, the past two weeks have been filled with 17-hour editing sessions, sleep, and resting my tendinitis – for which my wrist thanks me.

All that work now means we have found ourselves two days away from the unvamped release date and less than one week away from the launch!! The print books are winging their way to me and I have a lot of last minute organisation to do. Not in the least, I need to find my usb which has momentarily disappeared…I need to put a tracking device on that thing. And, I must be a better aunt and get my niece a birthday present.

I have also been sorting giveaways for the Adelaide Launch, which is very exciting, but I must be good and not spoil the surprise 🙂

My ‘Sentence a Day’ venture will be re-started in earnest from June.

You can now find unvamped on the Eternal Press website at: http://www.eternalpress.biz/book.php?isbn=9781629292700. They sell ebook versions (which will be available at 12:01am Pacific Time (US) on June 1st). You can also find ebooks on Amazon within 24 hours of then, and print editions soon to follow. I’ll give more info when I have it 🙂

I must get back to my mandarin marmalade making now,

x iz

Two weeks until ‘unvamped’ released!

I have been in an editing fury for the last 24 hours and still going strong, but am taking a quick break to revel in the fact that unvamped will be available this time in two weeks!! 🙂

Watch this space for links to buy your own copy. And, if you’re in Adelaide for 5 June 2015, you are more than welcome to attend the Adelaide Book Launch (details at unvamped Book Launch)

Hope to see as many of you there as possible 😀 Books will be available for sale and signing, plus there will be some drinks and nibbles!

x iz