What was the last thing you cooked/baked?

In the middle of working hard, I decided I needed a snack. We had filo triangles in the freezer and I decided I could indulge. So,I went to heat the oven up while I continued working. As I was typing away, I began to smell hot oven with something slightly burning. Without me realising, almost an hour had passed. I rushed out, expecting the bits of dirt in the oven to be on fire, and found two potatoes and some bits of pumpkin that had been forgotten the night before.


What’s the next book you’re going to read?

What’s not the next book I’m going to read? With the final instalment of Obernewtyn out later this year, I’ll need to reread the series so I will be getting onto that soon. I’ve also nearly finished City of Bones and not finished that series so I will probably read the next one of those first. I also need to finish Dreams of Gods and Monsters

How much time do you spend travelling to and from work?

The car ground to a halt. From behind, there was a chorus of tooting and yelling. I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw the cars piling up behind mine. I looked ahead, knowing there was another twenty minutes at least until I got to work. I looked left.

There was a coffee shop. A generic little coffee shop with signs for muffins and cakes, and meal deals.

I looked forward again, about to resign myself to another day at work.

The next thing I knew, my hand was on the door handle and I was out of the car.

The tooting was louder and the yelling more intense. But, I flicked my hair and headed to the coffee shop.

I had left my car door open. I had left my car engine running.

Let it be someone else’s problem, I thought, I’m out for the day.