‘unvamped’ Launch Recap with pictures :)

Finally, I’m getting around to posting about the launch, only a month late! I suppose that’s what illness will do to you.

Either way, the launch was great 🙂 not quite as many people as expected, but these things happen. I made nibbles (read: ate a lot while cooking) and remembered to organise drinks, along with all the merchandise. My investment in a PayPal card reader paid off immensely – half the guests paid with card! – and was a great way to keep track of total sales. I didn’t quite sell all the books I bought, and am yet to make any money back, but I feel it was a very exciting adventure and am glad it went the way it did.

My good friend and fellow Sleeping Dragon, Russell Hartup, opened for me and I managed not to screw up the reading too much. I also managed to do my signature right most of the time and write reasonably legibly. Though I didn’t get around to talk to everyone as much as I would have liked.

After the formal parts of the launch, there was some chatting and the packing up, then I went out for pizza – both savoury and dessert 😀

I think the launch was a great success and it makes me feel a bit more like a real author now lol.

If anyone missed out on a copy, or anyone would like a hardcopy, I have quite a few left over and would be happy to sign them and get them to you (contact me for more details).

Keep a look out for my upcoming Goodreads Giveaway.

I must head off now to work on my piece for Camp NaNoWriMo, but I will leave you with some pictures from the launch 🙂

Book Launch 007

Book Launch 019

Book Launch 020

Book Launch 025

x iz

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