Illness can’t keep me down…forever

Just a quick update today and more expansive, interesting posts will follow.

After the successful launching of unvamped, I was downed by a stomach virus of some kind for the next two weeks. I’ve still got lingering tiredness, but have bounced back pretty well otherwise.

Being confined to bed for two weeks has given me time to make lots of exciting plans for the short-term, which I shall divulge presently. I have a new toy from which to do my writing-related activities, but its charging so I can’t break it out yet.

Will be back sooner this time,

x iz


#unvamped has launched :)

You can buy the ebook for AUD$6.95 at:
on for AUD$6.95 at:π=AC_SX110_SY165_FMwebp_QL70&keywords=unvamped
Or for AUD$8.88 at:π=SY200_QL40&keywords=unvamped

I’ll keep you updated on when it’s available in print and elsewhere.

Print books will be available for AUD$25 at the book launch.