Plot Arc Table Template

Here you can see my Plot Arc Table Template. To make it your own, all you need to do is download the word version (below) and replace my example Arcs with your own, or create a table in your choice of program. You can add or subtract columns and rows depending on the number of chapters and Arcs you are planning. Sometimes, I leave a square blank because nothing significant happens for that Arc/Character in that chapter. I find this is a really great method for planning out your story and ending up with a well-rounded narrative. I find that the pacing flows better if I have it all planned like this before hand, the plot has less (to no) holes, and the characters tend to follow more believable development patterns. It won’t work for everyone, but I encourage you to try it, and to make it your own!

Plot Arc Table Template

To download the word version, click here: PLOT ARC TABLE TEMPLATE

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