May I do some writing this month?

It’s the start of Month 2! And very little actual writing has been achieved since the beginning of this site, so that is my first goal for May. Starting now, I will aim to write a little bit each day based on the prompts in my “A Sentence A Day” diary – I’m just going to flesh it out to at least a paragraph a day and try to get some story snippets out of it.

Two new posts have been put up under Tips & Tricks – I’m not in love with the formatting abilities still but its something to start with at least.

Tonight is time to relax, maybe have some wine and watch some movies with the husband. Work is about as un-hectic as it can be now. Just a bit more to do over the weekend and I’m finished on that task 🙂 Its then onto less stressful, easier pastures next week! Hopefully with built in writing time!!

Am off now to do my Sentence for today, have a good night/day (wherever you may be!)

x iz

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