How much time do you spend travelling to and from work?

The car ground to a halt. From behind, there was a chorus of tooting and yelling. I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw the cars piling up behind mine. I looked ahead, knowing there was another twenty minutes at least until I got to work. I looked left.

There was a coffee shop. A generic little coffee shop with signs for muffins and cakes, and meal deals.

I looked forward again, about to resign myself to another day at work.

The next thing I knew, my hand was on the door handle and I was out of the car.

The tooting was louder and the yelling more intense. But, I flicked my hair and headed to the coffee shop.

I had left my car door open. I had left my car engine running.

Let it be someone else’s problem, I thought, I’m out for the day.

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