Day 6

Plotting and Planning is well on the way now. I have a beginning and an end, and am getting the details of the middle sorted out. I feel I will have to take out a few of the in depth ideas and scale them back a bit; I feel I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.

The plan was to have an alternate history which leads to the post-apocalyptic future in which the story is set. However, on rethinking, I’m not entirely convinced I need an alternate history to lead to my future. I’m thinking there is a two step process to get to my future; a post-apocalyptic future with a middle ages-like setting (although, the finer points of that are definitely going to need to be worked out), and then an even further post-post-apocalyptic future. I haven’t decided how far in the future these futures are though, which will determine a lot about the smaller details.

Part of the purpose of this story will be to investigate magic/religion vs science, both of which will play a big role in how the souls are dealt with throughout the story. How these aspects fit together needs a lot more work, in fact I’ll need to add it to the Plot Arc Table I think. Which will mean I will need to re-work a lot of it, but now I have more idea what’s going into it, it will create more ideas, which is always fun!

Off to do more planning then 🙂

X iz

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