Day 5

It turns out, I changed my mind about the notebook – I have decided to stick with the white and black one. Which, as it turns out will be easier to deal with as I already started using it and had an idea for the other one – not that I can remember what it was now but it seemed to suit the look and feel of the notebook better. I also decided that I would just stick the Plot Arc Table in somehow and have a way of keeping the progression of it.

I’ve been looking more at the characters today, and their journeys through the story. I have one main protagonist, at the moment, and I think that might be a good idea after the last story I wrote had three. I feel I might end up with at least two, but I’ll start out planning for one. I also have one antagonist, although I feel it will be more of an antagonist organisation, but it will need a figure head that can be cut down to symbolically cut down the organisation. There is a love interest planned, but I’m not a hundred percent sure of her story at the moment, so I may get rid of her as such a major character. Maybe this story won’t have a romance element? That is something to definitely keep in mind.

My premise is set, I know what kind of story it will be (hero saving the downtrodden, etc), but the whole plot is still a little bit elusive. My next priority will be to sort this out, even if I don’t get the whole Plot Arc Table filled in yet.

A cold doesn’t help matters, its been on the cusp of a slight sniffle and getting worse for about a week, and now it has decided to get worse. Add to that, the dog keeping me up all night, thinking is a little hard at the moment. But, in saying that, it all just serves to make the findings all the more sweeter!


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