Day 2 – notebook conundrums

Plotting and planning aren’t really going to plan. It is being much slower than expected so there’s not a whole lot to report, but I felt sticking to a ‘post once a day’ plan was important.

My Plot Arc Table doesn’t look a whole lot different than it did yesterday – the prologue and most of chapter one’s arcs are filled in. I feel like I’m going to need to do a short wrote up of the dot points in each arc when I’ve plotted a bit more so I don’t forget my potentially brilliant ideas.

Yesterday wasn’t a complete bust, mind. I got a lot of the basic planning down and started on character bios – which I think will help a lot when I get to the character arcs specifically. I realised as I started my Plot Arc Table that I needed to know a bit more about my characters before I could start the story and find their individual journeys.

The rest of today – given so far my day has been sleeping and going to the shack – will be sorting out my notebook/s. Notebooks are one of the most important pieces in my writing arsenal. I have at least one for each individual story, plus another dedicated to random ideas, often one for series planning, and an awful lot more filled with anything and everything.

Not only is the notebook as a concept very important, but the specific notebook for a given story. I have so many ‘special’ notebooks – I collect nice notebooks, knowing I’ll find a use for them one day – that it takes me ages to pick which one I want to use for the current story. I am in such a pickle at the moment; use the white one with black faux suede flocking or the fancy Paper Blanks one with handy pocket for the Plot Arc Table. I shall need to come back with an update on my decision as I feel it will take a while.

X iz

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