The Writer’s Journey begins!

2015 marks the time to give my writing career a proper whack. I have had one novel accepted for publishing (still to be released) and helped found a writing group at the South Australian Writers’ Centre, but have always put writing on the back-burner. But, no more! With my Master of Arts (Writing) over, it is time to commit fully to my writing!

As the new year starts, so is it time to begin a new novel. This blog is planning to be part writer’s diary/part rant on the journey to the finished product. I want to share with you my frustrations and solutions, things I learn along the way, and to have a place to, in those blocked moments, wonder why on Earth I bother.

So, join me on my Writer’s Journey and we’ll see what [Soul Wars]* looks like at the end! 🙂


*working title

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